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What is it? Short computer language dictionary for humans


Usually states for a User Account, which allows computer system to identify a person and store related information.


is like renting a house for website. All data must reside somwhere to be accessible by users. To have own server and maintaining it most times is very expensive, so special companies like SPRENDIMU METAS ISP rents a server space and resources for websites and emails.

Hosting is a rent of server for internet domain services, like website and email. It can include additional services also.


reserve/extra copy of the data on separate media


a person responsible for internet domain DNS configuration.


Content Managements System is next level data modification system which allows regular computer user to manage website without programming knowledge.


HTTP is standard internet transfer protocol - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, usually used to transfer website content over internet.


CRM is Customer Relationship Management program, which ensures, that company has own client data, and history of usually sales actions which where performed with that customer, or what products he has, what products he likes, and additional information, which could help in future sales or succeeding sales.

SPRENDIMU METAS provides custom SugarCRM.


is Internet Service Provider, usually a company which provides internet and hosting services.


Domain Name Service is the internet system which makes you to access website by its name.


Provided by SPRENDIMU METAS custom SugarCRM solution.

DNS server

Domain Name Service, which is required internet services to be accessed by human understandable domain names, which are translated to computer network IP address.


This is special Database Management Server, which is widely used in internet for website systems, which is required to store, search and manage structured data.


Internet Domain is main part of address, which is controlled by coresponding istitution in Country or Internet authority. Example are .com, .uk, .ru, .eu. Users and companys own usually so called Subdomain.

POP3 server

POP3 server is email server, which provides email access to a user in a way, that user's email program downloads all the mails to personal computer for storage. This way of working saves money on hosting, because you need less space on server, but increases risk of data loss. In case personal computer would break, all emails probably are lost. Please do backups of your data.

Domain parking, name reservation

this is procedure, which is made to own a domain name without actually hosting it anywhere.


a person responsible for e-mail server functions and management. You should contact this person in case you don't receive all emails or get too much SPAM.

Domain transfer

This is a procedure needed when domain management is transferred to another ISP. Owner of the Domain (exact: subdomain) or technical person responsible for Domain, needs to initiate domain transfer and new ISP must accept Domain immediately after confirmation, that Domain is ready for transfer. During this procedure, there is a period o time, when both ISP are serving the Domain. This is transit period, during which old configuration cache must expire, so that new configuration became valid. This means that some clients "see" old servers, and some of them see new servers. After this period completed, and new ISP fully serves the Domain, old ISP must be switched off. Domain transfer is completed.

SMTP server

SMTP server is called server dedicated for email sending. It can be the same as POP3.

E-mail redirect, email alias

This is email address of special type, which automatically forwards all incoming emails to specified real email account.


Sprendimu Metas customized CMS Joomla or Wordpress system.

Email account

This is real email account, which stores all emails until user fetches them to personal computer, or stores them at server.


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, this means that there is technical way to encode all data transferred, so as a result the communication between two end points is encrypted.


This is internet virtual meeting and discussion place, where users can discuss all important topics.



This is so called internet website address. Abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator.


FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, which was used in early internet days, when HTTP was limited suposed to be used only for web content. FTP supports appending files, renaming and resuming in addition to standart transfer.


a person responsible for internet website management. Nowerdays using CMS this person can be without special technical knowledge.


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